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We Are Dreamers and Doers

Co-founder Kevin Orlosky is the primary staff of Art on Wheels, and are supported by an engaged Board of Directors, talented and dedicated teaching artists, and caring volunteers.

Kevin Orlosky

Artistic Director

Kevin Orlosky is a lifelong artist: from his very first exploration of creative writing and illustration (the story was about a daffodil, and Kevin was 5) to his constant tinkering with artistic mediums and processes, Kevin’s brain is sees the bounty of possibilities. Perhaps growing up in Hershey, PA gave him some of that imaginative spark – a place where chocolate wafts through the air and the streetlights are shaped like Hershey’s Kisses would certainly inspire creativity in a curious child. Ever the great experimenter, there was always a project simmering in the back of his mind. Armed with a sketchpad and a fierce curiosity about the world, Kevin was inspired early on by the Surrealist Movement and specifically the works of Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya. It’s possible he could have explored any number of future careers, putting his natural curiosity and problem solving nature to work in a variety of fields. Sometimes, though, the universe has other plans, and will occasionally nudge in the direction it most prefers. Ever the explorer, at the young age of 17 he followed in the footsteps of Sir Isaac Newton, and his love for skating helped him re-discover gravity in the form of severe head trauma. (Well known law of Physics #81: the attraction of teenage males to disaster). After some time in intensive care, he never regained hearing in one ear, suffered from crippling vertigo, and spent many a day intently exploring his new reality through his artwork. The artwork he created during his recovery period was awarded First Place in the Artistic Discovery competition and was exhibited in the House of Representatives in Washington D.C. We think this crazy turn of events helped get him on his current path – providing him with the open schedule to continuously improve his artistic abilities, as well as instilling in him a heathy measure of humility, the limitations of the body, and the possibilities of the mind. Now fully focused on his artistic exploration, he graduated with Honors from the highly regarded Painting and Printmaking Department at the Savannah College of Art & Design. He met his future wife, the lovely and charming Andrea Orlosky, and continued his exploration of traditional and alternative processes in both the public and private arena. Through his work with the esteemed Anchor Graphics Print Shop at Columbia College in Chicago, Kevin’s understanding of technique and teaching methodology expanded under the tutelage of world renowned printmaker David Jones. Inspired by his own experiences with the therapeutic and empowering aspects of art creation, he became committed to increasing access to the arts for all people. Remaining ever the prolific artist, Kevin exhibits his art nationally and internationally, and is included in many private collections. 

Board of Directors

Raven Bates

Virginia Community Development Corporation

Noah Scalin

Vice President
Another Limited Rebellion

Irene Montero

McGuire VA Medical Center

Brooks Smith

Troutman Sanders

Larisa Sandford

Fahrenheit Advisors

Risa Gomez

Davenport & Co.

Jon Baliles

City of Richmond

Emily Smith

1708 Gallery

Mary Ann Wilson

Community Volunteer

Joshua Barber

V4 Development