Community Art

Our community art projects engage all people to make art for the community, by the community in fun and meaningful ways.

Our Arts in the Community program seeks to increase public participation in the arts; encouraging creative ownership while providing community members with new opportunities to have meaningful arts experiences. As a tool to build community support for the arts, community art opportunities are offered for the general public at local fairs, festivals and public events. Art on Wheels also creates custom art projects for corporations with volunteer engagement initiatives.

To us, artwork which occurs in public spaces is best when it engages the community not passively, but actively. Through interactive public artwork, the broader community gains an increased appreciation for the ways in which art can be an integral part of their life, and our program design emphasizes widespread involvement which increases community investment in the project. Artwork which is produced outside and in the public sphere is additionally accessible to populations who experience feelings of intimidation or inadequacy that might prevent them from interacting with institution centered arts experiences.

Each year Art on Wheels engages thousands of people in creative expression through our carefully structured, finely developed community art projects. These events and happenings are customized to the specific event needs, budget and interest. Take a moment to look through some of our recent projects, this is a fun and very engaging aspect of our work in the community. We love to problem solve, brainstorm, and make art magical! Contact us if you would like to incorporate Art on Wheels into your event. 

Locations of Installed Art

McGuire VA Medical Center, Maymont, The Community Foundation, Genworth Financial Headquarters, UPS Headquarters, old GRTC Bus Depot, Weinstein JCC, Senior Connections, YWCA, Housing Families First, ROSMY, Northside YMCA, Henrico County Department of Parks, The Virginia Home, Crater Area Hospice, Lucille Brown Middle School, Blackwell Elementary School, Chimborazo Elementary School, Boys & Girls Club (Central and Randolph locations), Shalom Farms, Franklin Military Academy, and the Founders Center of Commonwealth Autism, Junior Achievement, Binford Center for Education, Oak Grove – Bellemeade Elementary School, and John B. Cary Elementary School. 

Did you know stormwater that runs off impervious surfaces such as rooftops, streets, and parking lots, represents the fastest growing source of pollution in the James River? Every time it rains, stormwater carries pollutants into the James River and its tributaries.

Paint Out Pollution is a project that increases awareness of stormwater pollution and celebrates the native plant and animal species that call the James River home. Local artists, Genesis Chapman, Jennifer Thompson, Aijung Kim, Amelia Langford, Travis Robertson, and Kevin Orlosky have created stencils to be used by volunteers to install art on storm drains across the Richmond region.

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Find Art Doors

In summer of 2015 we joined forces with Virginia Supportive Housing to bring huge public art installation to bring awareness to end homelessness

We upcycled 40 doors representing those removed from the renovation of a Virginia Supportive Housing’s apartment complex for formerly homeless individuals. We then worked with local professional artists and community groups to help showcase our creative community by turning the doors into works of art! The doors were installed at museums, parks, historic sites and other landmarks around Richmond for everyone to enjoy.

Veterans’ Impact Project

In what is likely America’s 1st crowd-sourced veterans monument, The Veterans’ Impact Project honored over 170 veterans through a participatory process where community members and veterans operated a custom-built Roman Ballista to fire symbols of military service into a large clay panel. Those impressions were cast on site to create a large-scale relief sculpture with Principal Artist for the project, James Robertson. The resulting 5’x17’ sculpture is one of the largest in Richmond. The monument was on temporary display at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) Sculpture Garden, and is hoped to be permanently displayed near the Virginia War Memorial.

Richmond Folk Festival

For this project, Art on Wheels created a life size, bicycle powered Zoetrope. A Zoetrope is a late 19th century pre-cinema cylindrical device which uses the persistence of vision to create the illusion of animation. Thousands of festival goers at the Richmond Folk Festival were invited to assist in colorizing simple drawings. Viewers and participants were invited to ride specially modified bicycles which powered the zoetrope, creating the animation. At 1708 Gallery’s Inlight Festival, the completed, colorized animation was illuminated, and debuted.

RVA Street Art Festival

Working with 9 local artists and dozens of volunteers, Art on Wheels created an 18’x30’ participatory mural at the 2013 Street Art Festival. Festival goers were able to ride the mechanical lift to the top of the 18’ wall and pour paint down the wall. Sculptural umbrellas deflected the poured paint, creating a colorful waterfall which rained down on the whimsical characters created by artists. 300 people participated in our community mural at the old GRTC bus depot. The mural can be viewed when driving north on Robinson Street.

Dominion Riverrock

We brought out our specially modified paint trikes to America’s premier outdoor lifestyle festival and the results were amazing! Everyone was blown away by how much fun it is to make art by riding a small kids tricycle. People of all ages had a blast leaving a painted trail to help create a mural of “Richmond.”