Impressions of Courage

A World Record Honoring Those Affected By Cancer

Presented By VCU Massey Cancer Center

Saturday, September 10th


Leigh St. in Scott’s Addition

Our Goal

We are teaming up with our good friends Studio Two Three to create the World’s Largest Collagraph- composed of clothing, which represents someone who fought cancer in our community. It is a special opportunity to honor someone in your life, giving thanks to the impact they made on YOU. 


Our connection to community driven art allowed us to see that in every community, there are people cancer has touched who are loved and supported and sometimes grieved for, and we wanted to recognize each of them, life-sized and by name. Clothing is such a fundamental way in which we express ourselves, that we felt it would be a great way to show the uniqueness and individuality of the people we want to honor. Impressions of Courage represents an innovative way to pay tribute to people who have battled cancer. It does this by crowd-sourcing materials which have deep meaning and connection to individuals with the disease, as well as those impacted by it- honoring the uniqueness of each person through community action, while communicating a shared experience using personal symbolism to visually represent the physical presence of cancer on a monumental scale. With your help, Impressions of Courage will be a compelling portrayal of the humanity behind cancer in our community.

Here are examples of what a plate made from clothing looks like and the print it makes.

This is a representation of what we will be printing at the event.

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Map and Schedule


Join us for the World Record Event, September 10th in Scott’s Addition


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