Impressions of Courage

A World Record Honoring Those Affected By Cancer

Presented By VCU Massey Cancer Center

World Cancer Day Public Unveiling

Saturday, February 4th

Brown’s Island


In 2015, Kevin and Andrea Orlosky of Art on Wheels had a grand idea- to make a print so large it would set a world record! As a result of their family’s experience with cancer, they decided use the print as a platform to honor people affected by cancer in our community, and in doing so, create the world’s largest collagraph. Since everything is better with friends, we invited VCU Massey Cancer Center, Studio Two Three and LINC to help make it happen.

Getting Ready

In 2016, from April through July, community members submitted outfits in honor of a loved one affected by cancer.  We took these outfits and turned them into collagraph plates by gluing them down to masonite boards.

What is a Collagraph?
A collagraph is a print made from objects that are glued to a substrate. Ink is applied, and it is printed onto paper using pressure.

Making the Print

On September 10th, 2016 we gathered a team of printmakers. First, we placed collagraph plates representing the 200+ honorees in a row along the street. We rolled ink out on to each one. Once the plates were inked, we laid one long piece of fabric over the plates and drove over it with a steam roller. The pressure from the steam roller transferred the ink from the plates to the 733 foot long piece of fabric!


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