A Campaign to Support Essential Workers


Art is powerful! It has the ability to bring us together, heal and reflect. Beginning this Giving Tuesday we at Art on Wheels challenge and invite you to practice creative self care and join us in our Healing Hearts Challenge. 

Essential workers are the ones putting themselves at risk so that we can all have healthcare, groceries, mail, sanitation and emergency services, etc. We can’t imagine the anxiety, grief, or even fear they are dealing with everyday while facing the risk of contracting COVID-19. Lets all show them our love and support and help them face their difficult emotions. 

It’s Super Easy!

  1. Simply follow the tutorial below to create an origami heart to show appreciation of someone you are grateful for during this time!
  2. Origami heart too difficult? Just cut a heart out of a piece of paper!
  3. Write a message to an essential worker on your heart.
  4. Take a picture of it and post it on Facebook and/or Instagram. Use the hashtag #healinghearts, tag Art on Wheels and tag 5 of your friends to challenge them to make one too. 
  5. Place the heart in your front window. (or anywhere else an essential worker might see it, like your mailbox)

Origami Heart Tutorial

Support Healing Hearts!

If you are fortunate enough to have financial stability during this crisis, please consider supporting the need for therapeutic art by making a donation today.