Festival of the River Community Picnic and Blanket Mosaic

Sunday, June 10th

12-3PM,  FREE


We are teaming up with our friends at The Richmond Symphony, Visual Arts Center, and The Children’s Museum of Richmond for an all-inclusive community picnic. Join us  and help create a monumental image of the James River using our picnic blankets and aerial photography! Engage with new neighbors and participate in our blanket drive for Richmond Housing service organizations.

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Heres How It Works

  • Bring a picnic lunch (food trucks will also be present)

  • Bring a Blanket to donate.

  • Don’t have a blanket? Make a very simple fleece tie blanket using our easy step by step tutorial.

  • When you arrive will guide you where to place your blanket.

  • Enjoy your your picnic and engage with neighboring picnicers.

  • During the Richmond Symphony performances, we will take aerial photography of all the blankets forming an image of the James River.

Organizations to Receive Blankets

Better Housing Coalition

Virginia Supportive Housing



Housing Families First



Fleece Tie Blanket Tutorial


  • Two pieces of fleece approximately 72” x 60” and make sure at least one is blue!
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • A ruler
  • Masking Tape (optional)


Step 1: Line Up Fleece

  • Line up both pieces of fleece with the finished sides out
  • On a flat surface (a floor, dining room table, etc) line up the two pieces of fleece, lay them down, and smooth it out


Step 2: Trim Fleece

  • Trim off any extra pieces so the fleece lines up perfectly
  • Tip: use a piece of tap as a guide to help you make a straight cut


Step 3: Cut Out Corners

  • Using scissors, cut a 4” x 4” square from each corner
  • Tip: don’t throw away the squares. You can use the scraps to make coasters, hand-warmers, or a fleece quilt!


Step 4: Cut Fringe

  • Starting at any corner, cut each fringe about 1” wide and 4” long
  • Tip: use a piece of tape as a guide so you don’t cut too far
  • Continue all the way around the fleece, cutting all four sides


Step 5: Tie Knots

  • Starting at a corner, tie each fringe together: tie a simple knot with the front and back pieces of fleece
  • Important: be sure you double knot each fringe so they don’t come undone
  • Trick: try a different knot!


Step 6: Bring to Festival of the River!

  • Sunday June 10th, 12pm