Community Cubes

A Fossilization of Richmonders' Individuality and Shared Experiences

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We believe the arts are a crucial tool to help transform and build happy and healthy communities. In early 2018 we asked the community to help us choose our next community-wide public art project. Through a public voting process the Community Cubes was selected and has become the core of our community arts programming.

At many festivals and neighborhood events, we asked the people to use a personal object, something they carry everyday, to make an impression in a slab of clay. Each object was gently pressed into the clay until hundreds of impressions were made. The slabs were taken back to our studio to be cast using a polymerized plaster and assembled into cubes.

These cubes will soon be placed at bus stops throughout the city to serve as benches and to represent the communities that helped make them. Each bench is a fascinating look at the daily ephemera of our lives, and simultaneously reflects our individuality and our
shared experiences.

How it works.

  1. We will set up slabs of clay.

  2. Any one can participate by pressing something into the clay they are carrying with them.

  3. We will use the clay as a mold to cast into one side of a cube.

  4. We will join the castings together to make a bench. See image of prototype.

  5. Benches will be installed in the communities they are created at locations in need of seating. Examples may include, parks or bus stops.

Community Cubes Events

Current Art Fair

Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center.

Saturday, October 26th,  12pm-7pm

Sunday, October 27th 12pm-6pm

Mid Cities Community Day

Mid Cities Civic Association. 9010 Quinnford Blvd

October 26th.


Robinson Theater Community Arts Center Fall Festival

Robinson Theater. 2903 Q St.

October 27th.


Community Cubes are made possible by the generous support from our community. Become a contributor today and help make Community Cubes a success!

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