The Big Idea

At Art on Wheels, we create artworks that bring out the best in our community – projects that draw attention to our shared experiences, that introduce whimsy in unexpected places, that use art to heal hurts big and small. Our newest project, The Big Idea, is about making a difference in how people interact with art in their daily life. The selected project will offer plenty of opportunities for the public to participate and will be featured at most of Richmond’s premiere local festivals and events. We have three great ideas and want YOU to decide which one we do! Help us choose the next Big Idea by voting below.

1. Cast Cube Benches

This project will be a fascinating look at the daily ephemera of our lives and simultaneously reflect both our individuality, and our shared experiences. To do this we will create 7-10 cube benches made from castings of everyday objects that people carry with them. Clay slabs will be set up and community members will be asked to press something they are carrying into the clay to make an impression. The castings will be made into outdoor benches, and the benches will be installed around the city.

2. Metal Enameled Pyramid

This project will create a pyramid sculpture made out of enameled copper triangles. As the strongest shape, the triangles and resulting pyramid are a reflection of the strength of our community when we come together. People will be introduced to the process of metal enameling and enamel a triangle using our portable enameling kiln. The triangles will be fired on the spot at the events and you will get to see the results in minutes. We will use the 1000+ triangles to fabricate a mosaic pyramid roughly 6′ tall to be placed in a public space in Richmond in need of beautification.

3. Music Boxes

We will construct small, paintable boxes that have a wind-up musical mechanism inside. During the events, the public will be able to personalize the boxes by painting them and decorating them with words of inspiration.  We will place hundreds of these boxes on signposts and bus stops all throughout the city to give residents a random moment of music whimsy, tranquility, and inspiration in an unexpected space.

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